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Pop Culture CLE was created to teach our children work ethic, responsibility and teamwork through bringing to market a great tasting treat.

We produce our treats with high standards and sell them in our community with a passion for art and food.

We believe in

Using all natural ingredients - we care about what goes in our and your bodies

Using low sugar that must be organic - sugar in excess is BAD, organic makes our product taste better

Being dairy free - personal preference, but our alternatives make an awesome product

Composting our waste - we believe in being environmentally conscious

Using locally sourced fruits when possible - we believe in working local, buying local to enhance our community

Using high quality ingredients - we believe it makes a difference and it sure does!

We make gourmet artisan ice pops - find us in your community or hire us to make your event one everyone will be talking about!

Our Flavors

 Because we only use fresh ingredients, we rotate our flavors seasonally, highlighting the seasonal produce.
For ingredient and nutrition information click on a respective flavor.

Every pop is vegan except those with * next to flavor - the chocolate may have traces of milk

Seasonal Flavors